So you think you can frontend?

Johannes Giske

Håvard Olsen

Short workshop - in English

As a developer in 2018, you make amazing and impressive solutions, but what happens when we strip away all those "fancy pants" tools & frameworks that you love so much? Can you make a website without emmet, sass/less, and without watching your own work along the way?

We are hosting a "Coding in the dark" competition with a small twist. The competition involves creating a website using a simple editor and a desired endresult. Your task is to make a website based on this without ever getting to test it or see your progress along the way.

The winner will be announced at the end of the workshop, and in addition to fame & glory, will receive an amazing price!

Primarily for: Developers, UX specialists

Participant requirements: Bring your laptop! No special software required except a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox.