Escher in Elm

Einar Høst

Half-day workshop - in English

This workshop is based on the classic 1982 paper "Functional Geometry" by Peter Henderson. The paper shows the decomposition and reconstruction of Escher's woodcutting "Square Limit", a beautiful recursive tesselation of interleaving fish, using functional programming. We will use Elm as our implementation language as we follow in Henderson's footsteps to create our own Square Limit as an SVG. We'll see that framing a problem in the right way enables us to solve it in interesting and elegant ways. The problem in this case is the transformation and combination of pictures to form new and more complex pictures. If we think of an picture not as a collection of colored pixels but rather as a function from a bounding rectangle to a rendering, we can define simple yet powerful picture combinators that allow us accomplish our task with ease and elegance.

You do not have to be an experienced Elm programmer to follow this workshop.

Primarily for: Developers

Participant requirements: Participants should bring laptops (or pair up with someone with a laptop), with an up-to-date Elm pre-installed.