Learn how to build a mini economy on the blockchain by using Ethereum and Solidity!

Sigurd Lund

Simen Skoglund

Half-day workshop - in English

Blockchain has existed since Bitcoin was launched in 2009, are now more hyped than ever before. In this workshop we will show you how to write and run code on the Ethereum blockchain.

The goal is that within four hours we will develop and deploy a mini economy system where we generate coins that we can send between verified users with smart contracts on Ethereum.

The technologies you will use in this workshop will be the Ethereum network, the programming language Solidity, the framework Truffle, and the Ethereum browser Mist.

Tests are written to test the functionality to be implemented, so if you like to see the tests go from red to green, this is the workshop for you!

Primarily for: Developers

Participant requirements: Laptop