Micro interactions. Major impact.: a front-end developer + a designer make a killer combo

Esteban Pérez-Hemminger

Lightning talk - in English

Complex data is hard to understand. Normally we force users to do too much work in order to understand, read and analyze the many screens and UIs they come across. But, like human movements, nuanced micro-interactions communicate intent and functionality without words, helping users accomplish tasks faster and enjoy doing them. But, how can UX designers take advantage of the power of interaction design if they are not experts on that field? Enter the Front-End Developer (FED)!
Having a FED in your design team can be the difference between a safe design and a memorable one. They can bring things to life that you might have deemed unfeasible before, making the experience more memorable. Subtle transitions do much more than add “cool” stuff to your design, they guide a user through a path to reach their desired outcome. In order to deliver an enjoyable and holistic experience that users want and love using, designers and developers need to work closer than ever before and make sure that motion is at the center of what they build.