The fear: How overcoming the fear of public speaking can be crucial for both you, and the company you work for

Kim Frode Flæthe

Lightning talk - in English

Presenting.. speaking in front of an audience.. standing on a stage..
Just reading these words will send shivers down the spine of many people!
But how does this fear actually effect your daily life, as well as your professional life? And for employers, how does an employee’s fear of public speaking effect your company?

I used to have major fear of speaking in front of an audience. Even something as small as saying my own name and occupation in a round table discussion would result in me mumbling and looking down at the table. At school, I would be scared for days before a presentation. This fear led me to avoid situations where I would be forced to speak in front of a group.

Until I saw just how much I was missing out on, and the negative impact it had on my life.

In this short session, I will tell you how I went from fear of public speaking, to standing in front of you today, and the positive impact it continues to have in my life, as well as the company I work for.

Attendees can expect to learn some tips and techniques for resolving the own fear of speaking.