Understand why the user doesn’t understand

Anders Skar

Pål Einar Tho Bråthen

Short workshop - in English

When designing and developing an application you make hundreds of choices that influence the user experience. These choices are based upon your own experience and knowledge. However, often we design and develop without being aware of the consequences of the choices we make. We follow conventional interaction patterns and design guidelines without necessarily understanding the basis for them or how they affect the user experience.

User testing reveals some of the mistakes we make, but not all. Often we question ourselves why users act in a certain way. Why can’t the user see the error message we present or a specific menu item?

In this workshop you will learn more about our senses, how we think and our limitations so you can understand the reason behind different UX-principles. This way you can use them correctly, understand when they are legible and when it’s ok to ignore them.


Primarily for: Developers, UX specialists, Product developers, Designers

Participant requirements: Computer with any web browser