This is DevOps – everything else is a lie!

Stein Inge Morisbak

Lightning talk - in English

Everyone has an opinion about what DevOps is. They're all wrong – and they're all right.

When new buzzwords become public domain the originators lose the ownership of the definition. It's unavoidable. The purists fight the misinterpretations, but they cannot win against tool vendors, book writers, misinterpreters, sceptics or disagreers. But why should we care? We shouldn't! We should! Because what started out as a good idea in 2009 isn't everlasting.

Emerging with cloud computing and the pursuit of velocity and speed the DevOps term has been filled with new content. The realization that organizational change has to span wider than the IT-department has also contributed to a new understanding which originated from DevOps. So what does DevOps really mean in 2018? I'll answer that question.