Let's make a web app progressive in less than 3 hours

Maxim Salnikov

Half-day workshop - in English

It eventually happened: Progressive Web Applications took a worthy place in the modern web landscape, and there is no more need to convince developers why to go for performant, reliable, and engaging apps. Most likely, your web application is not the exception: adding PWA features is getting it to the next level of user experience.

In our 100% hands-on session, we'll take a regular app and make it progressive. We'll create and register Service Worker, build App Shell, generate Application Manifest, send Push Notifications.We'll get a practical experience with Workbox - a PWA library, allowing us to perform these tasks really fast. The result of our workshop: fast, installable, offline-capable, mobile-network-friendly, re-engageable app. 

Primarily for: Developers, Architects

Participant requirements: Laptop with the latest stable or LTS versions of npm, git, Chrome browser. If you wish to test your PWA app on iOS device (this is optional), please install iOS 11.3 beta (at your own risk!). Instructions: https://www.imore.com/how-download-ios-11-developer-beta . Our app will use Twitter API and Twitter Streaming API. To set up the backend app please follow the instructions here: https://github.com/webmaxru/pwa-workshop-api