Code Poetry 2.0

Felienne .

Half-day workshop - in English

Everyone that has ever witnessed a young child that has just learned to read, knows they do not read like adults. Young children read aloud, not just to demonstrate their newly acquired skill, but also because they simply cannot do it in a different fashion yet. Most children take years to learn to read silently, during which they go through a number of phases including whispering and lip movement. Several studies have shown that, for novice readers, reading aloud supports comprehension. This should not come as a surprise, even expert readers on their native language sometime fall back to this behavior when reading text that is very difficult, or written in a foreign language they do not fully master yet. 
And yet.... in programming and programming education, we do not spend any time on how to vocalise code. In this three hour workshop, we will share some scientific results on the power of vocalization and then we dive into vocalization practise of different programming languages and cultures.

Primarily for: Developers, Tester/test leads, Architects, Product developers, Scrum masters, Agile coaches

Participant requirements: ‚ÄčLaptop with their favorite code base.