Kurs - Agile at scale

Bli med!

Vi er stolte av å kunne invitere deg til et 1-dagskurs med Joakim Sundén, Agile Coach i Spotify. Kurset vil finne sted på Scandic Bergen City mandag 16. oktober 0900-1600. Meld deg på i dag, vi har et begrenset antall plasser. Derfor er også påmeldingen bindende.

Om Joakim Sundén

Since 2011 I have worked as an agile coach at Spotify where I coach teams and leaders to help them build better products faster. I was part of the coach group that worked together with the CTO to design and introduce a new approach to Agile at scale, aka “The Spotify Model” with tribes, squads, chapters, guilds, etc. Together with my friend and former colleague Marcus Hammarberg I wrote the book Kanban In Action (Manning, 2014).


Tentativ agenda og bakgrunn for kurset er som følger:

“The Spotify Model” of agile at scale has been getting a surprising amount of attention in the agile community since we started sharing it in 2012 and the Spotify Engineering Culture videos have more than 500 000 views. It was never intended as a framework or a model, it was just a case study of the Spotify way of working at the time. That has not stopped a big number of organizations from copying or imitating the model, often without understanding what it was optimized for, what challenges it comes with or how Spotify has adapted and continued to evolve in the five years since its publication.

We found this scary at first and even went to great lengths to caution people, proclaiming that there is no Spotify Model. After meeting with a bunch of companies, and hearing from even more of them, we've come to realize that they are happy with their adoptions of the “model” and some of them have seen huge improvements of their organizations. "All models are wrong, but some are useful" is proving to apply yet again.

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